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Point Forward Solutions consolidates with SoilTech Solutions, mapping out a new direction in Precision Agriculture: St. Albert, AB

February 13, 2015

A new era in precision agriculture is set to begin as Point Forward Solutions announces its consolidation with SoilTech Solutions, as of February 10, 2015.

Since its inception in 2012, Point Forward Solutions has led the way in ground-truth technology, precision mapping, and variable rate recommendations allowing Alberta farmer’s greater returns on their crop input investments and ensuring their success both now and into the future.

The way forward for Point Forward Solutions will also be guided by a new President and CEO, Mr. Brendon Friesen. Brendon’s former company, SoilTech Solutions was renowned for a high level of service and innovation in custom soil sampling and liquid fertilizer recommendations and applications. In fact, in just four short years with Brendon at the helm, SoilTech grew to become one of the largest custom soil sampling companies in Western Canada. Brendon’s vision for Point Forward Solutions remains the same:

What’s exciting about this new venture is the opportunity to bring the same commitment and level of service that SoilTech customers have come to expect to a wider marketplace and apply it to all elements of farming - all with the goal of maximizing return on investment when it comes to crop input costs, and utilizing the latest technologies and risk management tools to ensure sustainable, safe food production.

For more information on Point Forward Solutions programs, services, and technologies, visit www.pointforwardsolutions.ca; or call Brendon Friesen, Colin Cameron and the team at Point Forward Solutions at 780-418-3641.