About Point Forward

What Is It?

The new lay of the land.

Precision Agriculture is about putting your management efforts - and your inputs - where they’ll have the most impact. The ultimate goal is to allow you to be more efficient. More effective. More sustainable. And more profitable.

As the name implies, Precision Agriculture is a strategic, targeted approach to farming. It is based on the fact that no two fields are alike. Soil and fertility factors can vary dramatically. Even within a single field.

It begins by collecting and analyzing readily available information on your fields in order to devise a Precision Agriculture strategy tailored to you. Factors we look for include:
  • Soil Type (texture, moisture, salinity)
  • Elevation/ Topography
  • pH Levels (acidity)
  • Organic Matter
  • Drainage
  • Seed Varieties
  • Plant Population
  • No-till vs. Tillage
  • Crop Rotation
  • Insect/Weed Pressure
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