Major Amendments

Major Amendments

Increasingly, pH and salinity issues are being identified as the major factors behind poor field productivity. Unfortunately, the cost to remedy the problem by treating the entire field with a lime or gypsum application is prohibitive.

The good news is that Precision Agriculture has given farmers the ability to identify only the areas of a field that will benefit most from these treatments, and provide a tangible return on investment.

And with today’s high cost (and low availability) of new land to purchase, major amendments are more attractive than ever. Previously under-producing land can be revitalized - and the amendment will pay for itself in several seasons.

Through the use of our Veris MSP and EM38 equipment we can accurately identify the problem areas of your field and determine a rate-specific lime or gypsum strategy.

The prescription file will be provided in a digital format compatible with your VR equipment.

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